Improving relations between directors, leaseholders and managing agents.

New leaseholders often don’t understand the way flat management companies operate. They believe they are entitled to have a say in the day to day running of the property. 


Flat management companies are subject to the same rules and laws as any other company.

The way leaseholders have a share in the company, the terms of the lease, and the rules of the company, act together to control how the property can be managed.

So, leaseholders sometimes need to understand the rules and structure. They need a clear, unbiased, explanation of how things work.

If you are a leaseholder, director of a flat management company, or managing agent and experiencing difficulties with leaseholders arguing about how the property should be managed – I can help you.


Director School will:

1. Act independently to advise the company, directors, and shareholders/leaseholders.

2. Read and understand all the relevant documents.

3. Provide a concise explanation in writing to the company, and shareholders/leaseholders.

4. Attend an open meeting with the leaseholders (if required) to explain their rights and responsibilities.

5. Explain the practicalities and wisdom of using a managing agent.

6. Provide ongoing support to directors and managers if required.

7. Provide a dispute resolution service when required.

Peter Buglass CDir, MRICS(Rtd), FRSA

I have worked in property for nearly 40 years as a Chartered Surveyor and worked with companies for over 12 years as a Chartered Director. 

In that time I have heard and seen a lot of problems and been at the centre of solving many of them.  I am calm and considerate, yet tough and direct, and want to see people dealt with honestly and fairly.

I’ve dealt with the misguided, the ill-informed, bullies, egos, and downright dishonest.  I use the rules of company law, the structures of the lease, and best practice, to inform, and control the situation.

Director School fees are paid by the flat management company acting as employer for these services on behalf of the company and shareholders. Fees will be charged based on the complexity of the situation.

Ongoing support may require a separate monthly fee. Fees are charged on a fee per property basis.